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  • When you drive around Perth, Perth Hills, Perth North, Perth South, and Mandurah, you can see that exposed aggregate is a widely chosen style of decorative concrete.
  • There are a number of factors that contribute to the popularity of exposed aggregate, and we can help you take the guesswork out of exposed aggregate colours, the best exposed aggregate suppliers, and what the general cost of exposed aggregate per m2 is.
  • We know that you want a super durable product that will last for many years to come, and our professional teams can make it happen for you.
  • We are fully insured, have modern tooling and equipment, and can deliver our service to you with fantastic value for money.
  • We are homeowners like you, we aren’t pushy, and we are looking to simply offer you the best exposed aggregate service in Perth.

What is exposed aggregate?

  • Exposed aggregate concrete is similar to normal concrete where they share a recipe of cement, sand, aggregates (stones), and water. The difference between exposed aggregate and concrete is that the surface of the exposed aggregate concrete has a chemical spray-applied to it a little while after it is poured that prevents the top layer from fully setting.
  • The top layer is then power washed, then revealing the decorative stones that have been used in the mix.

Exposed Aggregate Colours – Which One is For Me?

  • When selecting the right colour of exposed aggregates, there are pros and cons to the different variances that are available.
  • Both dark and light colours can offer fantastic style and street appeal to your property, but they can each offer differences in glare, and heat absorption similar to liquid limestone.
  • We can talk you through the process though of what will work best for you, so give us a call today for a free, no obligation quote.

What is the cost of exposed aggregate in Perth?

  • The cost of exposed aggregate can vary depending on the type of aggregate, or stone that is included in the mix selection that you desire.
  • We work with the best exposed aggregate suppliers in Perth to bring you the best value exposed aggregate driveways, alfresco areas, and any other decorative concrete anywhere in Perth.

How is exposed aggregate carried out?

  • Exposed aggregate is carried out by applying a chemical retardant on the top layer of concrete to prevent it setting fully, where the top layer is then power washed off the next day to reveal the exposed aggregate colours.
  • In Perth, the aggregates (decorative stones) are typically incorporated into the mix at the exposed aggregate supplier’s yard. In some cases, decorative stones are instead ‘seeded’ into the concrete onsite by hand trowelling them in with the same process being followed of retarding the top layer, and then washing off to reveal the stone. 

How long until you can walk on exposed aggregate?

  • Due to the retardant nature of the chemical that is applied to the top layer of the concrete prior to it setting, it is not recommended to walk on exposed aggregate until it have been power washed by us, usually the next day.
  • After about one week, we will return to your site to carry out exposed aggregate sealing, where the sealant is applied by roller. The seal will protect your driveway, patio area, alfresco etc from staining, and offer further longevity to our product for you for years to come.

What are the advantages of an exposed aggregate finish?

What Are the Advantages of an Exposed Aggregate Finish?

The advantages of an exposed aggregate finish are:

  1. Low maintenance. Once it is poured, your slab will need to be sealed every few years, but there isn’t much more required than this.
  2. This can assist with preventing slipping injuries around pool areas or on driveways.
  3. Exposed aggregate is extremely resistant to heavy traffic and in Australia, particularly our extreme weather
  4. Street appeal. Exposed aggregate may assist in the increase of the value of your home with the aesthetically pleasing range of colours and options that are on offer.

Let’s work together on your next Exposed Aggregate, Liquid Limestone, or Concrete project!