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  • Similar to exposed aggregate, liquid limestone is a very popular decorative concrete choice, particularly here in Western Australia where we have a long history of using limestone in local construction (take the Freo prison for example, or any other colonial era buildings in Perth for that matter).
  • With the advent of liquid limestone as an option and product, Western Australians have naturally flocked to wanting liquid limestone around pools, liquid limestone shed and patio slabs, and liquid limestone driveways too.
  • With our unique climate that isn’t shy of a hot day or two in the summer, your feet also thank you for choosing liquid limestone around your entertaining areas on those scorching days.
  • The options are endless with liquid limestone, and with it being such a durable, low maintenance product, it makes sense to make the decision.
  • Get in touch with us today to talk more about how we can help your choose our liquid limestone colours, and help with pouring your next driveway or entertaining area, whenever that may be.

What is liquid limestone?

  • White cement, crushed limestone, water, and other key ingredients are the component parts for liquid limestone when they are mixed together and combined. This is opposed to typical concrete that uses grey Portland cement, sand, aggregates (stones), and water.
  • The difference in the two is that liquid limestone can be viewed as more pleasing on the eye in comparison to typical concrete due to it’s lighter limestone colouring, as opposed to the more duller typical grey concrete.
  • Liquid limestone is installed in the same way as conventional concrete, and can also be finished in the same way as concrete, with a smooth surface, a broomed surface (quite literally a broom dragged across the surface in a professional way!), and or a scuffed finish which gives a natural limestone look and feel.
  • Liquid limestone patterns play a big part in the finishing of the product, with many intricate grooves or cuts introduced to the surface either during the setting process, or professionally cut with a grinder after the liquid limestone has set completely.
  • These grooves and cuts play a part in aesthetically pleasing finishes, but also technically too whereby concrete is prone to cracking. Cuts are usually made to a usual one third the depth of concrete greatly assist in reducing cracking in cementitious products like limestone, or concrete.

How much does liquid limestone cost per metre?

  • The cost for liquid limestone per metre can vary greatly depending on the underlying conditions of a site and personal choice in terms of what you would like your liquid limestone colour to look like, and also the what the size of your liquid limestone driveway, patio, or entertaining area is to be.
  • Typically, a cost of laying the actual product itself will only account for exactly that.; laying the product.
  • By this we mean, no earthworks or demolition are usually taken into consideration, which can often be a hindrance when trying to budget for your overall project.
  • As we have in house personnel who can carry out demolition, earthworks, and installation of liquid limestone, we can tailor to whatever your site holds up its sleeve, and give you an accurate price without having to go to multiple parties.
  • One other cost factor to consider in how much liquid limestone costs per metre are thickness of slab. We usually allow for 100mm thick slabs that also contain reinforcing steel, particularly for liquid limestone driveways.
  • With foot trafficable areas only, the thickness of the slab can be reduced to 75mm thick, which can then also help with costing and budgeting.
  • Please get in contact with us to talk about the technical and quality nature that we incorporate into our quotes and works, where we follow industry practice to a tee in delivering your liquid limestone installation that will last you for years to come.

Is liquid limestone cheaper than concrete?

Liquid limestone is typically more expensive than concrete, but not by a huge great deal, this can come down to factors such as:

  1. Depending on where you live, the cost to transport the liquid limestone to site can also play a part in the cost of liquid limestone versus typical concrete (as not all plants will supply liquid limestone as a product).
  2. With a typically higher number of grooves and cuts in a liquid limestone slab for decorative purposes, there is a higher labour portion required for the works, which then need to be factored in to deliver you a high quality product.
  3. Overall cost comparison depending on the surface area and volume of the area to install liquid limestone. Compared to concrete over the same area, there would be a noticeable increase in cost, but when it comes down to the appealing modern look of liquid limestone versus typical concrete, it makes sense to weigh the options up.
  4. Nevertheless though, once poured and completed, liquid limestone is modern, classy, and will increase your front street appeal, or your backyard appeal for you, your friends, and your family.

How long until you can walk on liquid limestone?

  • Once we have poured your slab, and either grooved your slab prior to the slab setting completely, or had it cut with grinding tools the next day, we recommend not walking on the slab for 24 hours, and to leave it at least 48 hours prior to driving any vehicles on any liquid limestone driveway.
  • We’ll come back approx. one week later and then apply a sealant via roller brush to nourish and protect the liquid limestone to maintain it’s high quality and classy finish.

Advantages of a Liquid Limestone Finish

  1. Easy to tailor solutions to your designs and needs
  2. There are many colour choices from dark to white that you can use, depending on your existing design flow and colour scheme
  3. Although more costlier than concrete, liquid limestone is still a reasonable cost option for your liquid limestone driveway, patio, or entertaining area
  4. Durability, particularly with the hard wearing nature of the product, and when designed correctly in terms of thickness for the applicable trafficable area (E.G foot traffic versue vehicular traffic
  5. Ease of maintenance – no more worrying about pesky ants in your pavers, just pour, seal, hose off, and you are done.
  6. Bare feet thank you for it! Our harsh climate can have a devasting effect on both young and old feet when out in the backyard or on typical concrete around the pool or patio area.
  7. Street appeal! With a high quality, professionally delivered product, your house will glow with liquid limestone.

Let’s work together on your next Exposed Aggregate, Liquid Limestone, or Concrete project!